What to expect on your first visit

Your new patient dental experience begins with a friendly welcome by one of our professional patient care co-ordinators.

You will then be asked to provide us with some background information regarding your medical history.  (Please bring a list of any medications you are currently taking)

If you are covered by a dental plan please bring in all your insurance information.  If required we will gladly help you understand your benefits.  We will also enter the information into our system to allow us to submit your insurance claim electronically.

You will then meet one of our dental assistants who will introduce you to the doctor who will perform a complete and thorough oral exam; the dental assistant will then take a series of x-rays which allows the dentist to see any concerns not readily visible upon visual exam.

Once the exam is complete the dentist will review his findings with you and explain your treatment options.

We will then reserve your next appointment and you will be on your way to a great looking and healthy smile.